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EasyRentPro Cloud

EasyRentPro Cloud is the most complete and trusted Online Car Rental Management software on the market.

Low Cost Cloud Car Rental Software

EasyRentPro Cloud is the world’s leading Multi-language online windows based car rental software designed for multi-location car rental operations. This cloud software can be used at your office to run all your daily rental business operations. EasyRentPro Cloud supports unlimited vehicles. It is packed with rich features such as quick lookup, fleet utilization, rate management and QuickBooks Integration. Check out our reviews on Capterra page
Easy Rent Pro Software in USA

Best Solution for your Multi-location Business

The data is stored on a secure cloud server database located on our dedicated server for worldwide access. It has the same functionality as the Standard Car Rental Software but is usable at different locations, even in the comfort of your home. EasyRentPro Cloud is great for companies with multiple locations, business travelers that would like to take their laptop on a business trip while still having the office run its car rental operations smoothly. Customization is also possible at a reasonable price.

Available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian

Easy Rent Pro Cloud

Most Complete car rental Solution


Screen Shots

Quick Lookup

With the quick look-up feature you will have a complete view of your fleet utilization like vehicles on rent, upcoming rentals, pending arrivals and available vehicles in your fleet.

Rent Planner

The Rent Planner screen displays a quick view of 15 days of all your reservations, bookings and overdue bookings with different colors. You also see the reminder regarding each vehicle such as inspection date, Insurance expiration date etc.

Vehicle Management

Your fleet is very smooth to manage with Easy Rent Pro. All vehicles are grouped by class to make it very easy to navigate. You can keep all maintenance details, expenses, inspection, Insurance, Damages on vehicle and all other important information here.

New Agreement

With a simple click of the button you can see which vehicle is available for the selected rental period. Here you can also filter your vehicles by class, location or branch to narrow the list. You will have a quick view of all essential details of the vehicles in a list to make your selection simple and accurate.

Rental Booking

In the booking screen you can enter all your agreement related information such as client details, company, vehicle, rental period, tax and charges etc. In this screen you can also see a detailed calculation of the rates. This can also be adjusted very easily.


Rental Agreement

The default rental agreement has a very detailed layout that contains almost all relevant information for the client. The header of the agreement can contain only text or your company logo as well. Customized agreements are available on request

Rate Options

Rate calculation is very flexible with Easy Rent Pro. There are many options like day only rates, 1 to 6 days intervals, weekly rates, monthly rates, seasonal Rates, V.I.P. rates and Special Rate Packages.

Tax & Surcharges Setup

You can define up to 16 tax and surcharges which can be fixed amounts, daily amounts , percentage, required amounts or optional amounts. Optional charges can also be added to the agreement total during booking. Amounts can be changed if necessary.

Damage Control

With the damage control feature you can bookmark your permanent or temporary vehicle damages such as scratches, dents or missing parts. The bookmarks will be printed on the agreement and can be removed later when damage is fixed.

Vehicle Body Styles

To make damage bookmarking easy, Easy rent Pro offers a wide variety of vehicle frames from scooters and golf carts to motor homes. Whatever type of vehicle you have in your fleet we have one frame that matches your selection.

System Requirements

General Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Supported Operating Systems


The purchase price of car rental software includes a one-time Set-up Fee plus an annual Subscription Fee, which includes support and any future upgrades. You can choose to pay the subscription on an annual basis (which saves you money on the long term) or on a monthly basis. When purchasing the Standard version, this includes the first year subscription. So there is no annual fee for the Standard version during the First Year!

We can make customized rental agreement layout that meets your country and business requirements. You can send us your sample agreement and we will provide you with a quotation.

All our orders are processed by, which is the most secure credit card processing company on the internet. We does not receive nor store any credit card information when you place your order. We are only notified by when the transaction is authenticated.

Support is included in the Subscription . You will receive free support when you purchase car rental software. We offer support by email and phone. Also with our online support software, we can connect to your computer through the internet and troubleshoot any problem you may have with the software.

Easy Rent Pro is available to try and purchase in multiple languages. The price is the same for all languages. our car rental software currently supports English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese and Croatian.

After you purchase the software we will send you an activation code that will remove the trial period limitation, allowing you to resume working with with your pre-loaded data.

All our orders are processed by After the transaction is authenticated you will receive the activation code, which normally takes less that 2 hours.

You can purchase car rental software online by using your credit card or PayPal. After your purchase you will receive an activation code.

Unfortunately the car rental software is a Windows Desktop Application. A MAC version is not available yet, however, you can however install a software called ‘Parallels’ on your Mac that allows you to run windows applications.

To use the software in multi-user mode follow the instructions below:
1. Install software on each workstation
2. Exit EasyRentPro
3. Open My computer and navigate to c:/program files/easy rent pro/data
4. Copy database from the workstation from location (c:/program files/easy rent pro/data/rentaldb.dat)
to the shared server location where all computers can have read/write access (example g:/data/rentaldb.dat)
5. On each workstation start EasyRentPro go to setup, Data Storage & Network and change
Main Database Location to the shared server location (example g:/data/rentaldb.dat)
6. Restart EasyRentPro on each workstation go to setup, Data Storage & Network and check field ‘Multi User’
7. (Optional: If you would like to use the “user must login” feature, go to setup, user access and create your users. go to setup, Data Storage & Networking info and check ‘User Must Login’)
8. You can activate the software on all work stations with the same code used when you purchased the software.
9. Restart EasyRentPro on each workstation

Payment processing

EasyRentPro Cloud allows you to process payments in the software, by utilizing a payment gateway.
Now you can enter the information of your client’s credit card or use a card reader, which will populate all the necessary fields to charge your client.

Sign on the agreement in the software

With the cloud version of EasyRentPro the customer and the agent can sign on the agreement. This way you as the user can send the agreements signed by email to your customers. The agreement can also be printed. The signature has a blue color, to be equal as an agreement signed with a pen.