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Easy Reservations Online

with Integrated Online Reservation System

Mobile Friendly Car Rental Reservation System

Now your customers make online reservation on your own website. This online rental car booking system gives your customers immediate view of availability, rates and instant booking confirmation. It features flexible rate options and rental options to make it the most powerful online car rental reservation system at an affordable price.Vehicle Booking System, a hosted online reservation system, may be immediately linked with Easy Rent Pro Software Standard or Cloud for a smooth rental operation.
Advanced Car Rental Software System

Includes translation tool for up to 5 languages

Easy Reservations Online

Most Complete car rental Solution

Car Booking Company in USA


Screen Shots

Vehicle Search

The Vehicle search page allows you to search within the database for all available vehicle in the selected class and period so the client can make a vehicle selection

Select Vehicle

After a search through the database for available vehicles the client will get a list of all available vehicle so he can make the booking for the selected vehicle


The booking page allows the client to enter add additional options like GPS, Child seat, additional driver etc. The system will also display a real time calculation of total amount to be paid

Control Panel Main

The Easy Reservation Online comes with Administration section where you can manage and change all section of the reservation system to meet your requirements

Fleet Management

The fleet management you can manage all your vehicles in the reservation system


Agreement Summary

In the control panel you can search, filter and manage all your online reservation made by the your clients

Agreement Detail

Details of a online reservation

System Requirements


Yes, Easy Reservations Online has an admin panel where you can add vehicles, rates, manage the information displayed on the pages, images, theme, colors and much more…

Yes, there is the possibility to choose between:

  • Credit Card details is required and payments are processed online.
  • Credit Card details is required buy payments are not processed online.
  • Credit Car details is not required.

Easy reservations Online allows you to translate the website to up to 5 languages.

Yes, you can add more pages to the website

Easy Rent Pro is available to try and purchase in multiple languages. The price is the same for all languages. our car rental software currently supports English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese and Croatian.

Yes. The clients will receive an email confirming the reservation they have made.

Yes. There is the possibility to choose between 3 themes. Besides that you can choose from many default color schemes, but you can also choose the colors you desire. If you would like a different look for the website, please send an email to
Yes, there is a 30 day free trial available.

Yes. This online reservation system can be integrated directly to the Easy Rent Pro Software Standard or Cloud for a smooth rental operation of your business, meaning that all reservations you receive on your website can be seen in the standard or cloud version and vice versa.

The availability can be listed by vehicle, class or rate. EASY RESERVATIONS ONLINE caters for a wide range of online business requirements, whether you hire cars, camper vans or any other type of vehicle. It features sophisticated rate options and fleet management functions to give you a powerful online reservation system. It also offers complete content management system (CMS) which lets you change your rates for any vehicle category at any time, show promotions, give your own online news and promotions or incorporate new vehicle instantly. Travel agencies and other references can submit their customer’s reservations through the reservation central by simply entering their access code and commission rates will be calculated automatically and accumulated on their monthly report.

New Design

We have a brand new design of the Easy Reservation Online that was just released.
Now Easy Reservations Online has new design features, where there is the possibility to choose up to three themes. Besides that, you as the user can also choose from many default color schemes for your website, but you can also choose the colors you desire.